5 Star Public Relations has spearheaded some of the most coveted clientele since inception. Our services outrank competitors because we are client-centric. Your needs, goals and objectives, are our needs, goals and objectives. 5 Star Public Relations works with high-end clients, from The Daily Mail to The New York Times, from Lifestyle brands to CBS and even The Food network, to name a few.

5 Star Public relations works with each client to build a strong partnership. People matter to us, you, your team and your clients. We are also known for crisis PR and can pivot immediately on strategies for recovery, rebranding, and new messaging. We utilize marketing tools, trusted market position and client challenges followed by PR strategy, quantifiable analytics, and tools to track performance, among other things.

5 Star Public Relation is great utilizing myriad tactics; media relations, for example. The PR agency works with our clients to craft unique, quality content, blogs, to articles, press releases, and social tools, and whitepapers.

The seasoned team at 5 Star Public Relation utilizes exhaustive research online, such as blogs, online news sites, and online resources to form a solid, integrated PR campaign. Our work with start-up high-tech companies have deemed 5 Star Public Relations to be influential with briefings to ensure that clients get the recognition and industry reporting. The agency is also known to assist with client surveys, joint whitepapers, events and several other key aspects of an overall communications program.

You can trust us to market your business and surpass your expectations. Not only do we help you reach a broader, targeted audience, we also help you to stand out from your competitors to gain the maximum attention in this competitive world. We are a results-oriented agency that specializes in event management, brand strategy and social media. We consistently reinvent conventional PR practices to ensure extraordinary and advanced messaging for clients.